Tired of trying so hard and not seeing results?

At PerrinMD, we help you figure out why losing weight has been a challenge, and then provide a tailored program designed to set your unique body up for success.

Don't give up for any of these reasons:

Don’t give up for any of these reasons:

Numerous diets that promise results haven’t worked for you

You lost weight, but put it straight back on

Conflicting information about diets and weight loss has you confused

You think you’re too old to lose weight and keep it off

Your past experiences and beliefs shouldn’t hold you back

Trying to lose weight on your own can be downright discouraging. Not to mention the endless bombardment of confusing and conflicting advice at your fingertips. No wonder you feel like throwing in the towel.

At PerrinMD, we believe that you deserve to shed those pounds and enjoy your body at the healthy weight that you feel comfortable with.

Losing weight is simple with the right plan  for your body

Losing weight is simple with the right plan for your body

Thorough Testing

Testing for underlying health issues will reveal if anything has been hindering your progress. We test for things like inflammation, hormones, insulin resistance and nutrient deficiencies.

Personalized Plan

The personalized program we create for you is based on the insights we discover about your body, including the composition analysis we do to ensure you will be losing fat and not muscle.

Supportive Partner

You’re not alone. We help you overcome challenges and stick to your program so that you stay focused on making the changes that will lead to sustainable weight loss.

“The changes you start making today can impact your future”

As a medical doctor, I understand that every body is different and faces unique challenges when it comes to losing weight and improving overall health.

I’m fed up with diets that promise quick results but don’t deliver. That’s why I’ve developed a special interest in helping people cut through the noise and confusion of the weight loss industry.

My goal is to give you clarity on what changes you can make to start enjoying the benefits of a healthy body at a healthy weight today, and well into your future.

Dr Khanh Perrin, MD

Feel your ‘best self’

Wake up feeling energized, confident, and ready to tackle the day… every day.

Make informed choices

Confidently make informed choices about what your body needs to thrive.

Enjoy your body

Feel proud of your hard work and good choices when you start shedding those pounds! You deserve it!

This is what our patients have to say


Dr. Perrin is an unbelievable doctor. Her and her nurses are so warm and friendly. I am currently going to her for weight loss and when sick received her vitamin IVs which I absolutely swear by. She has a wonderful track record and have met multiple patients in her office who have lost 50+ pounds! She’s a wizard with hormone replacements and I will be going to her next for that!


Dr Perrin of PerrinMD is an extraordinary doctor. Prior to my first consultation I was exhausted all the time, mentally foggy, eating the best I could but still starving all the time and putting on weight, very quickly. My Hashimoto’s disease was out of control and several doctors had only recommended more medication(s).

Dr. Perrin took the time to evaluate my overall health – including my lifestyle, travel habits, medical history, lab results etc before creating a plan for me. Her plan had stages to it; the first one aimed at addressing the issues that were affecting my day-to-day life the most.

In just the first 3 months, I lost 30lbs, started sleeping through the night, cleared up my skin issues and regained mental clarity. By 7 months, I’d lost more than 70lbs and had become more energetic than ever before.

We continue to review my progress every few weeks and adjust my diet/nutrition/vitamins/physical activity mix as needed. I look forward to my consultations as a time to both celebrate success and learn about the revised plan to keep moving forward. I highly recommend PerrinMD as a partner in achieving overall health.

Take the first step  toward a healthier, happier you today.

Take the first step toward a healthier, happier you today.


Call Our Office

Call and speak to our new patient coordinator who will help you book your appointment.


Get a Plan

After meeting with you and conducting testing, we will develop your personalized weight loss program


Feel Your Best

Feel confident in your body as you begin achieving your weight loss goals.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan

PerrinMD doesn’t offer just another weight loss program. Our approach to treating each patient like an individual is what makes us different.

We know that starting a new weight loss journey can be daunting. But don’t worry! We’ll help you navigate every step of the way and make sure you overcome challenges to achieve the sustainable results you deserve.