Stop worrying about bone health, take a simple test

At PerrinMD, we can test to determine if you are actively losing bone density. With the results, we can help you take preventive action to preserve and even build back your bones as you age.

You don’t want to end up with:

Loss of height
Bone thinning or osteopenia
Fractures of the hips, legs or spine
Stooped posture

Bone loss is a normal part of ageing, but did you know that prevention is possible?

You should take action over the things that you are in control of when it comes to your health, especially as you age. After the age of 50, it’s a good idea to take a test to discover whether you are actively losing bone.

At PerrinMD, we not only provide testing, but also solutions. We will prescribe a lifestyle plan that will help you maintain the upper hand when it comes to your bone health.

Take a test and take control of your bone health

You don’t have to wait until you experience the symptoms of bone loss. Take a test so that you can take early preventative action.

Make lifestyle changes and slow down your bone loss

A lifestyle plan that includes bone health dietary foods, supplements and exercise might be all that you need to preserve your bone density for you years to come.

Maintain a healthy, active life now and into the future

By slowing down your bone loss as early as possible, you can continue to live a healthy, active life as you age.

What if your test results indicate bone loss is already occurring? We have a plan.

Should your results come back indicating that bone loss is occurring, we will take active steps towards slowing down the process. This begins with further testing of nutrient levels, inflammation markers, and blood bone turn over markers.

Make an Appointment

Based on the information that you provide when you fill out our new patient form, we will order further testing. The results of these additional tests give us the insights we need to put together a comprehensive treatment plan.

Take Active Steps

Once your results come back, you will meet with Dr Perrin who will explain these results to you as well as propose an appropriate medical treatment plan. You will then be referred to our metabolic health coach for an exercise, diet and supplement regimen.

Test Again

After 4 or 6 months we perform blood tests again so that we can monitor progress and make any necessary tweaks. At 12 months, the bone density test and blood test are both repeated.

Need someone to talk to about the ageing process now that you are over 5o?

I like to empower women by letting them know what is within their control when it comes to the ageing process, especially over the age of 50.

The testing that we conduct gives us helpful insights into the rate at which our patients are losing bone. We then have the opportunity to help them take preventative action to preserve bone health and prevent conditions like osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Dr Khanh Perrin, MD

This is what our patients have to say


Dr. Perrin is kind, knowledgeable, and thorough. She spends time with you, answers all your questions, and is willing to work in tandem with your healthcare team to solve your health issues.  Plus, her staff is 1st rate!!

Margaret H
Google Review

I love Dr Perrin, she is very knowledgeable about so many facets of health and healing.  She has been my doctors for five years, always willing to partner with me regarding my treatment plan.  She has and extensive background in Integrative health and healing, always up to date on the latest research and treatment…

Susan R
Google Review

Dr Perrin and her supporting staff are all FABULOUS! Dr Perrin’s attention to detail & thoroughness makes you feel safe and supported. She thoroughly explains every detail on your blood work.  I’ve been seeing Dr Perrin for several years…I have vastly improved results from her care!  I highly recommend her. You will only see results if you are consistent with the care that she provides. Which means taking all the medication‘s the creams the supplements…EVERY DAY

Michelle M
Google Review
Take the first step towards preventing bone loss as you age

Take the first step towards preventing bone loss as you age


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Get a Plan

After meeting with you and conducting testing, we will prescribe a suitable lifestyle plan.


Feel Empowered

Feel empowered to make the lifestyle changes now that will benefit you well into your future.