We treat people, not just symptoms

At Perrin MD, we take both Integrative and Functional Medicine approaches to help people figure out what’s behind their symptoms so that they can take action and start feeling better.

What are Integrative and Functional Medicine?

Integrative and Functional Medicine are holistic and patient-centered approaches to healthcare that combines the best of conventional medicine with alternative and complementary therapies.

At Perrin MD, we believe that no two health stories are the same.  When a patient comes to us for help, we understand that their problem is a result of a unique set of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

That’s why we focus on uncovering root causes.  Our goal for each patient is to provide them with an holistic treatment plan that will set them up for success.  An integrative and functional medicine approach offers a comprehensive and personalized path to wellness that considers the whole person, not just their symptoms.

Uncover the Cause

We make use of a broader range of diagnostic and treatment tools than those used in conventional medicine, taking into consideration things like diet, lifestyle, and nutrient factors (among others).

Provide a Plan

We make use of a wide range of treatment options, both conventional and alternative, to help patients achieve optimal bodily function and start feeling like themselves again.

Collaborate Closely

We collaborate with our patients on their health journey, involving them in the decision-making and empowering them with knowledge and tools to take charge of their own health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you treat?

We offer primary care services including health assessments, annual checkups, preventive testing, and primary care medicine to men, women, and youth aged 15 and above. We also see functional medicine patients for a wide variety of concerns, including hormonal, weight management, gut health, and immune system issues. If you are wondering whether we are the right practise for your particular issue, call (310) 550-6728 to speak to the nurse.

Do you prescribe medications?

We prefer a natural approach to healing, emphasizing a healthy diet, supplements, and exercise, but we do prescribe medications if we think that is the best option. However, we usually do not keep patients on medications for extended periods of time unless necessary.

Do you do blood work?

Most blood work can be performed during your visit. Your blood samples will be sent to specialty laboratories for processing. If you are not able to come into the office to have blood work done, we can send a mobile phlebotomist to your home or office or email you a lab slip to get testing either at LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics. The mobile phlebotomy service is available with most tests, however, there are certain tests that will need to be performed at the office.

What are your payment options, and what insurance plans do you accept?

We accept cash and credit cards. Your visit fee is payable immediately following your exam. Insurance is not accepted for consultations but is accepted for most routine laboratory testing. Specialty testing which may be recommended based on
your health issues generally are not covered by insurance, however, we will discuss all non-covered lab fees with you prior to

For patients who seek a more comprehensive functional medicine evaluation, cash payment based on the length of the visit is required. We will provide you with a detailed superbill after each visit that you may use to submit claims to your insurance company.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please inform the office by phone no less than two full business days prior to your originally scheduled appointment. Excepting emergencies, no-shows or cancellations made less than two full business days prior to your appointment will incur a charge. Please note that appointment changes must be made by phone. If you attempt to send an email to our automated, no-reply scheduling system, we will not receive your message.

Payments for consultations are due at the time of the appointment.
Payments for supplements are due at the time of dispensing.

“I wanted to spend more time helping patients thrive, not just survive. That desire led me to expand my training into new areas. I earned my board certification in integrative and holistic medicine and have attended numerous conferences on hormone optimization, nutrition, digestion, toxicity, chronic infections, and ageing.”

Kahn Perrin, MD

This is what our patients have to say


Dr. Perrin is kind, knowledgeable, and thorough. She spends time with you, answers all your questions, and is willing to work in tandem with your healthcare team to solve your health issues.  Plus, her staff is 1st rate!!

Margaret H
Google Review

I love Dr Perrin, she is very knowledgeable about so many facets of health and healing.  She has been my doctors for five years, always willing to partner with me regarding my treatment plan.  She has and extensive background in Integrative health and healing, always up to date on the latest research and treatment…

Susan R
Google Review

Dr Perrin and her supporting staff are all FABULOUS! Dr Perrin’s attention to detail & thoroughness makes you feel safe and supported. She thoroughly explains every detail on your blood work.  I’ve been seeing Dr Perrin for several years…I have vastly improved results from her care!  I highly recommend her. You will only see results if you are consistent with the care that she provides. Which means taking all the medication‘s the creams the supplements…EVERY DAY

Michelle M
Google Review
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