If you have tried everything to lose weight and could not… Dr. Perrin is your answer!

I am a post-menopausal woman, who had always been thin until menopause hit with a vengeance, two years ago and I gained about 25 pounds.

No matter what I tried….working out, diets, even starving myself, I could not seriously move the needle on the scale.
I was almost ready to give up and accept that I may never see my original, thin self again, until I happened to read a Yelp review about Dr. Perrin’s success with helping people lose weight.
I made an appointment and she exceeded my expectations on every level and helped give me my youthful figure back!


I honestly believe that Dr. Perrin is the best doctor I have ever had, and as someone who had an auto-immune disorder as a teenager, I’ve had a lot of doctors.

Both my husband and I go to her because we are interested in healthy longevity.  She is very savvy about alternative methods, but is extremely knowledgeable about traditional medicine and methods as well.  Like other patients, I feel she truly changed my life.


Dr Perrin of PerrinMD is an extraordinary doctor.

Prior to my first consultation I was exhausted all the time, mentally foggy, eating the best I could but still starving all the time and putting on weight, very quickly. My Hashimoto’s disease was out of control and several doctors had only recommended more medication(s).

Dr. Perrin took the time to evaluate my overall health – including my lifestyle, travel habits, medical history, lab results etc before creating a plan for me. Her plan had stages to it; the first one aimed at addressing the issues that were affecting my day-to-day life the most.

In just the first 3 months, I lost 30lbs, started sleeping through the night, cleared up my skin issues and regained mental clarity.

By 7 months, I’d lost more than 70lbs and had become more energetic than ever before.

We continue to review my progress every few weeks and adjust my diet/nutrition/vitamins/physical activity mix as needed. I look forward to my consultations as a time to both celebrate success and learn about the revised plan to keep moving forward.

I highly recommend PerrinMD as a partner in achieving overall health.


At my last appointment I told Dr. Perrin that she had changed my life. It wasn’t hyperbole. I went in for unexplained hair loss and instead of just running some hormone tests, Dr. Perrin suggested evaluating my gut. Yowza! No other doctor has been so thorough (both in the testing and in the explanations of whys/hows/results, etc.). I wish I had gone to her years ago! I changed my diet and hello well-being! My stomach now functions like a “normal” person’s does. As someone who has struggled with undiagnosed gut issues for decades, her help has been invaluable. And, my hair is growing back. I’d give her 10 stars if I could.
ps. She now breaks down her fees into how long your appointment is so you can go for shorter visits more often. Super helpful!

I’d been suffering from acute insomnia for about 2 months – the symptoms shifted from waking up too early to not being able to maintain sleep, and waking up in the middle of night and lying awake for hours.  It was really confounding, considering I didn’t have any out of the ordinary stressors. One culprit is my advancing age 🙁 I’d gone to a useless sleep doctor who was prescribing sleep apnea testing, yet said nothing about women’s hormonal shifts, unless he was prompted by me and my google research.  He eventually prescribed Doxapin which made me feel like a zombie for 36 hours.  That’s the problem with medication – you spend 3x as much time fending off side effects, and medical doctors – their annoying one-track way of always turning to chemical medication.  That’s why I looked for an integrative doctor, and found Dr. Perrin.  She ordered a special hormone blood test, and we looked at the results and she put me on a combo of topical hormones and herbs, and I’ve been able to sleep well for the past weeks.  I”m very grateful, and Dr. Perrin strikes me as someone who is incredibly knowledgable about her field, and doesn’t make alternative medicine seem alternative at all.  She has a very analytical, scientific approach to it all – and yet, it’s holistic.  Her specialty is hormone imbalances and weight loss, and it seems to be the sweet spot for women like me – over 40.

Dr. Perrin is an unbelievable doctor. Her and her nurses are so warm and friendly. I am currently going to her for weight loss and when sick received her vitamin IVs which I absolutely swear by. She has a wonderful track record and have met multiple patients in her office who have lost 50+ pounds! She’s a wizard with hormone replacements and I will be going to her next for that!

I have been going to Dr Perrin for a few years now for anxiety related issues and her supplement protocol has really helped me and changed my life for the better. My anxiety levels have significantly decreased and I feel as though I am living my life again. I also was having stomach issues which she helped me to resolve. Any time  there is an issue or emergency she is there to help. I recently have been going in once a month for an iv nutrient drip, I exercise regularly and have noticed how much this treatment helps replenish my body so I can be in peak condition! I highly recommend Dr Perrin for any health set backs you may be facing, she is extremely knowledgeable and has many resources at her disposal to treat a variety of health concerns you may have.

Dr.Perrin and her team are truly caring and professional. I have seen Dr.Perrin for several years and I am always grateful for her professional guidance and personal kindness.

I also love the bright office.

Today I had an IV Meyers push and George also took wonderful care of me. I am on the way to feeling like a new person.

I highly recommend this office, in my experience, for nutrition, mental clarity and weight loss.


Went to Dr. Perrins office today to get a Meyers Cocktail (Vitamin IV drip) and it has left me feeling amazing and energetic.  I’ve also had some natural and homeopathic procedures here.  The pricing IS BEST in town and super nice staff.

Some people spend money on fancy cars, clothes, etc. I spend money on keeping myself healthy, physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually.

For the past 20 years I have been on a quest for ideal physical health. Not only did I have things I needed to address (fatigue, thyroid, etc.) but I also wanted to go beyond just falling in the ‘average’ range physically.
It’s been a long road and I’ve learned SO MUCH in that time, but I can honestly say that I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been.

(Side note – what became clear to me is that our physical health will never be ideal unless we are also taking care of your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I had HUGE breakthroughs in my physical health when I realized that and gave those other areas the same amount of love + attention.)

On the physical level though, I have been SO HAPPY to work with Dr. Khanh Perrin over the past few years. She’s an Integrative Functional Medicine Physician (MD) who is simply the best. I can’t tell you how many doctors I’ve gone through…yes, I’m extremely picky, but this is my HEALTH we are talking about.

When I found her in 2016 I knew immediately that I had found the one and I’m sticking with her for good.

I pay out of pocket for my visits and bloodwork – and it isn’t cheap. But Dr. Perrin spends AN HOUR with me each and every time I see her (for the initial visit, it was 1.5 hours) and is truly my partner in achieving optimal health. And like I said, I’d rather put my money here than in buying some fancy new purse. Worth every penny!