Hormone Therapy

Men, do you have trouble losing weight or building muscle mass no matter how hard or often you workout? Have you noticed a decrease in your endurance levels or an increased recovery time for injuries or after you exercise? Perhaps you are experiencing libido or sexual performance issues, even though your doctor says that your testosterone levels are fine. Or it could be that you’ve seen guys at the gym indiscriminately using testosterone, but you would rather seek hormone therapy under the supervision of a professional to avoid any potential health risks.

Women, are you increasingly noticing subtle signs that your body just isn’t at peak performance anymore? Despite a structured workout schedule and a healthy diet, are you still putting on pounds? Do you often feel tired or drained early in the day, even if you manage to get plenty of restful sleep? Perhaps you sometimes feel mentally foggy, as if you’re not as sharp as you once were. Or it could be that you simply feel something is off, and you want help understanding the sensations you are experiencing.

Regardless of what kind of changes you may be going through, you don’t have to let them dictate the way you live your life. Would you like to know more about how I can help you improve your mental acuity, lose weight, and gain muscle mass by replenishing your body with the natural elements it is missing?

You Don’t Necessarily Have To Age With Grace


Although most of us don’t like the prospect of growing old, aging is an inevitable part of life for every human being. As we age, our bodies simply don’t function as well as they may have before. Our cellseach a photocopy of its predecessorlose a fraction of their integrity every time they renew themselves. Our mental acuity fades, and the ovaries and testes stop producing the hormones that are elemental in building muscle mass and losing weight.

Time isn’t the only factor in hormonal health, though. A poor diet of processed foods, saturated fats, and hormonefed meat products can hasten or contribute to hormonal issues. Similarly, carrying a cell phone in your pocket, using a laptop on your lap, or having a sedentary lifestyle are also factors. Even the toxins found in common household products can ultimately affect hormone production.

Many of the changes that people encounter as they age can be confusing. Symptoms of menopause and low testosterone can be frustrating and disconcerting. Losing your sex drive or ability to perform can create issues with self-worth and identity. And trying to keep up with younger people can be exhausting.

Nevertheless, although getting older is a natural part of life, you’re the one who gets to decide whether you want to live with these changes or do something about them.
Why not enlist the help and supervision of a skilled hormone replacement doctor? I can help you boost and replenish your body’s missing components so you can get back to living at full-speed.


Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Can Offer Sustainable Rejuvenation

Treatment is incredibly effective because it enriches the body with the very thing it is missing. Treatment has the power to facilitate greater weight loss and muscle gain, enhance sexual drive, and increase energy, recovery times, and endurance levels. Therapy can even help regulate and alleviate symptoms of perimenopause and hormonal problems, such as PCOS. Whatever your situation is, therapy can safeguard your well-being and help restore your former quality of life.

In a safe and professional environment, we’ll get started by exploring what kinds of symptoms or changes you are experiencing. We’ll look at how those changes are causing you concerns and what you ultimately hope to improve. Next, you and I will decide on what kind of blood work will reveal the most about what you are experiencing and why. Using the test results, we can collaborate on a treatment plan that speaks to you. My goal is to give you the ability to live to your fullest potential so that you can feel better about yourself and your body.

Unlike some doctors who merely go by the numbers, I take a comprehensive look at your challenges in order to tailor a hormone treatment plan that is right for you. Using precise metrics and well-rounded approach, I can help you get exactly the help that you need.

For instance, if you’re going through andropause (think: menopausal symptoms for men) and are confused by its symptoms, I can offer you warm and compassionate support, as well as educational awareness that can lessen its emotional impact. If weight gain is a problem, I can recommend certain diets or foods to better suit your gut health. I even conduct a survey after therapy just to check in and see how you’re progressing.

I understand that time isn’t something we can stop and that everyone’s body eventually wears down. But I also know that until those days come, we can still fight to feel younger and be more capable.

I can offer you that chance—to slow the clock, rejuvenate your life, and still enjoy the freedom and adventure life has to offer.

Perhaps you’re considering hormone replacement therapy, but still have some questions or concerns…


Why reach out to you and not just a personal trainer?

Personal trainers can be of great value, however, they can’t restore your hormone levels. Unfortunately, without addressing that issue first, your workouts may be an exercise in futility. Optimal hormone levels are essential to build muscle and lose weight. Once you get your hormone levels to where they need to be, you can use the added support of a personal trainer to maximize your health benefits.

Isn’t there a cancer risk associated with hormone therapy?

The sole research that created that concern is nearly twenty years old and focused on one type of hormone. Its findings have been largely debunked by significant new research in the field.

In fact, proper hormone levels actually reduce the risk of dementia and osteoporosis. Plus, bioidentical hormone treatment can increase your mobility, help you feel better about yourself, and grant you a healthier, happier lifestyle.

How long and often will I have to keep coming back?

That’s entirely up to you and how long you would like my help. However, treatments are usually scheduled every six months, which is no more inconvenient than going to a dentist for a check-up—probably less invasive too! I recommend that we, first, work on addressing the issues that are causing you the most distress, and then, you can decide if you like the improvements in your life and how long you want to continue therapy.  

You Can Restore Your Hormonal Balance

If you are struggling with hormone problems, I can offer you swift and sustainable healing to get you back to feeling like your yourself again. Please contact me to schedule your appointment and see how I can help you restore and rejuvenate your life.