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Fee Schedule

Dr. Khanh Perrin is a private pay and is not contracted with any insurance plans, Medicare or Medical. We accept all credit cards and cash.  We do not accept Care Credit or personal checks.

We provide superbills by email upon request, available the day after your visit.  If you have a PPO plan, you can submit the superbill to your insurance for reimbursement.  Reimbursements will be based on your coverage. Please contact your insurance company for coverage and reimbursement information.  

The fee for an appointment with Dr. Perrin ranges from $325 to $500 and is dependent on the complexity of your care and length of appointment.

New patients, 50 minutes $500

New patients, 30 minutes $275

Current patient follow-up, 50 minutes $325

Current patient follow-up, 30 minutes $175

Current patient phone call, 15 minutes $100

Weight Loss

Slimmer is our weight loss program which incorporates integrative and functional medicine with a diet guide and prescription medication when appropriate.  Medications we use in our program are phentermine and HCG. Weekly follow up visits include InBody composition analysis and Lipotropic injection.

New patient visits $250 (includes EKG, blood work, InBody composition analysis)

Follow-up $90

Food allergy testing $200-650 depending on panels

Gut dysbiosis and leaky gut testing $125-500 depending on panels

Other Services

Myers Cocktail IV Nutrient $100

Methyl B12 shot $25

InBody 720 body composition analysis and interpretation $50

Microneedling, facial $200

Microneedling, facial with dual spin PRP $475

Microneedling, abdominal area stretch marks $150

Hair PRP with dual spin PRP $995.

Please call the office for microneedling and PRP hair packages.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing is run through your insurance plan.  Please call your plan to find out if your in-network lab is LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics. Please note that in-network plans can change from year to year and that using an in-network does not guarantee full coverage.

We also work with specialty laboratories which accept all insurance.  Cash rates are also available for patients without insurance.  

Laboratories and tests:

Salveo: complete hormones, stool dysbiosis

Vibrant: complete hormones, food allergy, stool dysbiosis

SpectraCell: complete hormones, nutrient test

Genova Diagnostics: Urine hormone, organic acid test

ZRT: saliva hormone

Cyrex: food allergy

BioHealth: stool and blood gut testing

HDRI: urine kryptopyrrole

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